Calling all artists! If you are interested in being an artist for 101 Deweguns, please apply here.

Love Respect Bravery Truth Honesty  Humility Wisdom

Our focus is to encourage open reconciliatory dialogue,
enabled by embracing the positive human attributes.
We must remember there is no reconciliation without truth.

As allies through the arts, let us all transform our collective grieving into something truly beautiful and lasting.

To empower individuals, families and communities to embrace truth & reconciliation.

Everyone is welcome

Please join us in this project that brings truth and reconciliation through the arts.

We want to bring every one of all ages, from all walks of life to come together in kindness; to help create a visual and audible healing medicine canvas fueled by inspired artists in the form of ‘101 Deweguns… A Living Hearts Legacy’.


What is a Dewegun?

In the Ojibway language the word ‘dewegun’ translates to mean ‘living heart’. This strong ‘living heart’ medicine has always played a vital role in the human experience and continues to this day in helping remind us of our amazing ability to foster the energy
of love and kindness towards one another… to all our Relations.

In The News

About The 101 Deweguns Collective

The 101 Deweguns Collective is made of a group of people that believe in coming together to create a ‘next sentence’; a loving , safe, and caring
societal environment constructed through the spirit of reconciliation. This is the inspiration and driving force behind the 101 Deweguns vision. 
101 Deweguns project has evolved since its launch, we are on a journey… thus content, timelines have
evolved accordingly.