Call-out to Artists

“101 Deweguns… A Living Hearts Legacy”

An Indigenous – inspired Drum Art Initiative is calling out to all Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists across Canada from coast to coast to coast to share their truth in how the legacy of the ‘Residential School System’ has impacted on their lives… expressed on a painted Drum.

“101 Deweguns” rests upon the legacy of Chanie Wenjack’s life story, Gord Downie’s challenge to “Do Something” in creating a ‘Next Sentence’ in building a better Canada, Phyllis Webstad’s journey through the ongoing ‘Orange Shirt’ campaign, along with countless other’s efforts in bringing truth forward in hopes of fostering open and reconciliatory dialogue.

Contributing artists become an empowering beacon of hope; collectively inspiring others to stand strong in speaking their truth. Youth will be paired with artists by way of ‘Dressing’ all 101 Strykers.

Your artistic contribution will be chronicled in a book dedicated to this project, authored by renowned photographer Mark Zelinski.


Simply send us a brief submission outline of the inspiration behind what you envision for the Drum you will be painting (approx. 101 words).

Please send your submission to:


c/o 505 Lock Street, West
Dunnville, Ontario N1A 1V8

Honourariums to be provided… TBA

Thank you for helping us create an empowering

“Next Sentence”