Get Involved

All are Welcome!

We have multiple ways for people of all ages can be involved in the 101 Deweguns project. 

Submit a "Good News Story"

Each entry will be accompanied by a place to insert the name of whom the ‘good news story’ is dedicated to. The individual’s dedicated name will be wood burned onto one of thirteen sections within one of the 101 drum frames. These ‘good news stories’ will become infused into the Dewegun medicine.

Participate in a Workshop

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to participate in our workshops. They include a warm introduction, instructional learning on how to complete the task at hand, Cultural Teachings, and the opportunity to contribute to the Kindness Journal and an inclusive Sharing Circle. 

Sponsor: Monetary or Material

We appreciate companies and donors that wish to make a monetary or material donation to help bring this project to reality. They are many ways for your business to get involved. We would love to talk you you about the opportunities

Donate to DWF

DWF provides access to education on the true history of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the true history and legacy of Residential Schools. We encourage reconciliation by way of our programming and events.


We have begun to compile a list of free resources to help people educate themselves on Indigenous history and events.

Calling all Artists!

We are calling out to all Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists from coast to coast to help us pay this Legacy Journey forward in volunteering their time in creating a painted inspiration onto the Deweguns or Drum Strykers .
We ask all artists to consider themes that are inspired by Chanie’s Legacy and Gord’s call to action.

If you are interested in being an artist for 101 Deweguns, please apply here.

Participate in a Workskop

Please join us in this project that brings reconciliation through the arts.

We want to bring everyone of all ages, from all walks of life to come together in kindness; to help create a visual and audible healing medicine canvas in the form of ‘101 Deweguns… A Living Hearts Legacy’.

Please see below for all available workshops.  

Sanding: Round 1

Calling all trail-blazing sanders…

This phase of the project is set to begin in the spring of 2021, where all 101 assembled Drum frames are ready to be introduced into a number of sanding workshop venues.
Volunteers of all ages and all walks of life will sand their awesome, loving, and nurturing energy into their choice of frame, using 80 grit sand paper to round off and smooth out any course edges.

Sanding: Round 2

Calling all finishing sanders… 

This phase of the project will be exactly the same as Round 1, with these workshops utilizing 150 grit fine sand paper to bring the desired finish to the frames.

Wood Burning

Wood Burning artisans will come together in these workshops to create the desired wood burned name dedications on each of the 101 frames.

Drum Bags

For the protection of all 101 Deweguns, strong and durable leather drum bags will be created; 101 soft leather bags to hold each drum, and 13 hard leather bags holding 7or 8 drums each. The process for making these bags will be showcased in a series of workshops throughout the course of this journey.

Sponsor: Monetary or Material

We welcome businesses and trades to contribute to 101 Deweguns. If you would like to be apart of the this project and sponsor materials, services, activities we are truly appreciative and would love to talk to you about the opportunities. 
Below is a list of currently identified costs that will need to be covered to move forward with the project. 

  • 10 temporary carrying bags/holding 10 Drums each 
  • Leather Drum carrying bags Workshop; 101 small & 13 large
  • Workshop supplies & other required items
  • Workshop transportation
  • Educational guest speaker for workshops
  • Food and beverage for workshops
  • Marketing and Advertising costs (Social media/Website)
  • Drum shipping costs