Wood burning Workshop


As finished sanded frames become available, we will begin to overlap the next phase of this project… Wood Burning. The agenda for these workshops is very similar to that of the previous Sanding Workshops. Wood Burning artisans will come together in these workshops to create the desired wood burned name dedications on each of the 101 frames.

Workshop Outline

These ‘101 Deweguns’ Workshops are being offered with flexibility in mind, with a choice of mornings, afternoons, or evenings available.
They would typically run approximately 4 hours in duration, with an average of 20 participants present ‘in person’. With a lower number of participants, such as 10 (suggested workshop minimum), it may run closer to 3 ½ hours. With a higher number of participants, such as 30 (suggested workshop maximum), it may run closer to 4 ½ hours. This time difference is due to the nature of the Sharing Circles held within the workshops.

Workshop Agenda
In regards to our “Little Ones”; there is a Teaching of “The 3-legged Stool” that shows us about ‘Protection’, ‘Nurturing’, and ‘Releasing’ in the proper order and time frame. We consider the first two while devoting our energy to these ‘101 Deweguns’ workshops.
10 min. approx… Introduction by host
15 min. approx…Traditional Opening
20 min. approx… Introduction Circle/Sharing of Gratitude & Drum Song
20 min. approx…Overview of ‘101 Deweguns’ project
20 min. approx…Teachings related to the White Pine & 13 Moon Exercise

Once we conclude this opening portion, participants are encouraged to stretch, take breaks, nibble, etc. at their discretion throughout the remainder of the workshop.

2 hrs. approx… Working on the project at hand…
… with additional Teachings shared throughout

For ‘in person’ workshops, participants are encouraged to enter into the available hard copy journal books.
For on line virtual workshops, host/moderator will engage participants through written chat column to then through social media.

30 min. approx… Sharing Circle to conclude workshop

Wood Burning Workshop

Simply fill out and submit the ‘Wood Burning Workshop Booking Form’ below. We will then respond shortly to set up a date for your workshop.
PS… Stay tuned for our ‘Leather Carrying Bag’ workshops upcoming in the fall of 2021.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to pay this journey forward.