Pay it forward

Please help us ‘Pay This 101 Deweguns Initiative Forward’
Share with us a story of paying forward an act of unconditional kindness,
self-initiated or by way of someone you know or know of. Each story will
become infused into the Dewegun medicine, helping to create a
collectively empowered ‘Next Sentence’. 

Win a Drum!

Oh yes, and by the way… each
story will be entered into a quarterly draw to win a 101 Deweguns
Collective autographed 15“ Legacy Drum. Your entry remains active until
you either win, or at the conclusion of this initiative.

Recent Entries


Ren’s Good News Story Ren shares good news on a virtual workshop.    I was out a couple weeks ago out on a nature trail just in St. Catharine’s and

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Rob’s Good News Story Rob shares good news on a virtual workshop.    What I’ve noticed as I’m getting older and embracing getting older and you know so grateful to

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Gina’s Good News Story Gina shares good news on a virtual workshop.    We just finished the path project the paddle art tour of Haldimand and right before lockdown we

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Carrissa’s Good News Story Carrissa shares good news on a virtual workshop.  Driving, which is only about 10 minutes from my house and it was bright and sunny when I

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Panic in the Park

Dedicated by: Ned Burwell One day while helping a friend sell drums at a festival in London, I heard a small child yelling for help. When I looked out from

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