Rob's Good News Story

Rob shares good news on a virtual workshop. 

What I’ve noticed as I’m getting older and embracing getting older and you know so grateful to get older, I noticed that things just keep coming back around. I noticed that every year I’m probably going to hear about something good and say yes to it.
Then I’m going to look over one day and I’m going to see Gina, as one of the people on the email or I’m going to go to a meeting and there she’s going to be say with Michelle Elise where I say yes. My friend Tim Johnson and I get involved with something and then year after year or three years later oh there’s Michelle Elise again and same with you Jackie and Oliver you know where it just keeps coming back around.
The fact that it sometimes takes a while to come back around is so beautiful to me.
Jackie, you said some things about water at The Wellness Fair, we were standing in a circle with 80 people and you about water I’ve carried that with me every moment since then and I’m just so grateful.
I know in the future probably I’m going to get on something and Jess is going to be there in real life or this way which I don’t feel disconnected when I see these faces on my screen and I hear your voices and I don’t feel like anything’s missing. Sure I’d love to be in a room with everybody but this feels pretty good.
My good news stories are they’re interwoven and they’re all about ripples that bounce off the other side of the lake and come back.
That’s what I wanted to say I’m so grateful to be here I’m so grateful to hear everyone’s words.

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