Gina's Good News Story

Gina shares good news on a virtual workshop. 

We just finished the path project the paddle art tour of Haldimand and right before lockdown we were kind of nervous to think that we wouldn’t have the re-rod that would support the paddles.
So our local welding shop which is vic powell’s said you know Gina don’t worry we won’t leave you stuck we’ll get 10 feet per 24 sections for you so they did.
Then our local high school which is Phil Klein the teacher there  said the same he said we won’t leave you stuck and so the kids for one week they worked after school
they did the best that they could and they created the 24 installation pieces and literally dropped it off the day before lockdown which was unbeknownst to us so it was quite amazing and that’s like just gave, gave, gace to that project, so very cool!

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