Carrissa's Good News Story

Carrissa shares good news on a virtual workshop. 

Driving, which is only about 10 minutes from my house and it was bright and sunny when I left and I just saw a heron in the water at Beaverdams road.
Just sitting there.

On Thursday, Erin and I were out on a drive and we had an eagle fly right in front of us just up the road from Brock. it just like we see this thing come up from the ground on the side and we both look and it’s in front of us and I’m like Oh my Gosh! It’s an Eagle! and he just went right in front of us and then on the other side landed down on the ground, I’m sure he was grabbing something to eat. But it was pretty cool to see that.
My teaching partner the same day that this week had an eagle and a tree in her backyard. So she sent me a picture of it. So just in this little area that I travel on a daily basis, we know of at least three. Because there is one a Malcomson’s Eco park, as well and there’s apparently a pair there but I’ve only seen one from that location as well but that’s going to bring me to my good news story. Those were good news stories too but Malcomson’s Eco Park is a little forested area by my work that I love, it has water through it and it leads us to water as well.

Usually every year in the school year on every Friday we take our kids over there and we walk through the forest so I walk to water and and we just let them just walk and wonder and question what they see and just enjoy that time and with this on online learning and not being at school we haven’t been able to do that as much last year in this year and one of my little boys was excited to tell me a couple weeks ago that there were baby owls at Malcolmson Park and so is excited to get down there and see them and I was very happy to know that my students are still going to Malcolmson even though we’re not going as a group and then they’re sharing that with us when we get to our online learning and and some parents have never been to Malcolmsom so there’s their children introduced them to Malcolmson and said well the baby owls are there we have to go so that’s exciting to me I like that part that they’re still doing it even though I haven’t we haven’t been there we have an actively been talking about it and then in about a week the student is going to teach the other kids about 2 weeks so it’s pretty good. Yeah!

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