Our focus is to encourage open reconciliatory dialogue,
enabled through embracing the positive human attributes

Love Respect Bravery Truth Honesty  Humility Wisdom

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To empower individuals, families and communities to embrace reconciliation.

Everyone is welcome

Please join us in this project that brings reconciliation through the arts.

We want to bring everyone of all ages, from all walks of life to come together in kindness; to help create a visual and audible healing medicine canvas in the form of ‘101 Deweguns… A Living Hearts Legacy’.

What is a Dewegun?

In the Ojibway language the word ‘dewegun’ translates to mean ‘living heart’. This strong ‘living heart’ medicine has always played a vital role in the human experience, and continues to this day in helping remind us of our amazing ability to foster the energy
of love and kindness towards one another… to all our Relations.

We want to build 101 Drums from kindness.

Please share with us a story of paying forward an act of unconditional kindness, self-initiated or by way of someone they know or know of. Each entry will be accompanied by a place to insert the name of whom the ‘good news story’ is dedicated to. The individual’s dedicated name will be wood burned onto one of thirteen sections within one of the 101 drum frames. These ‘good news stories’ will become infused into the Dewegun medicine, helping to create a collectively empowered ‘next sentence’.


Our Workshops

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to participate in our workshops. They include a warm introduction, instructional learning on how to complete the task at hand, Cultural Teachings, and the opportunity to contribute to the Kindness Journal and an inclusive Sharing Circle. Below are a few of the upcoming workshops.

Sanding Workshop

Calling all trailblazing sanders…
This phase of the project is set to begin in the spring of 2021, where all 101 assembled Drum frames are ready to be introduced into a number of sanding workshop venues. Volunteers of all ages and all walks of life will sand their awesome, loving, and nurturing energy into their choice of frame, using 80 grit sand paper to round off and smooth out any course edges.

Wood Burning Workshop

As finished sanded frames become available, we will begin to overlap the next phase of this project… Wood Burning. The agenda for these workshops is very similar to that of the previous Sanding Workshops. Wood Burning artisans will come together in these workshops to create the desired wood burned name dedications on each of the 101 frames.

About The 101 Deweguns Collective

The 101 Deweguns Collective is made of a group of people that believe in coming together to create a ‘next sentence’; a loving , safe, and caring
societal environment constructed through the spirit of reconciliation, set upon a foundation principle honouring Chanie’s story and Gord’s call to build a better Canada. This is the inspiration and driving force behind the 101 Deweguns vision. It is our sincere wish for this multi year project to honour the DWF’s aim in building cultural understanding and creating a path towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.